Sensitivity; It’s good to feel

Sensitivity; It’s good to feel

For whatever odd reason, society has formed a sort of cultish outcasting toward many expressions of sensitivity and emotional vulnerability. Sensitivity is often interpreted as a sign of weakness, as opposed to what it could also be viewed as, strength and courage. Due to that reality, humans often feel ashamed of such an expression of themselves that more often than not requires a willing mind and an open heart from not only the one doing the expressing, but at times even from the recipient(s) as well.

It’s human nature to want to genuinely express yourself, however that may be. It’s not only healthy to open up from time to time, but it’s necessary. We weren’t designed mechanically, we were designed to interpret life through our senses and what we feel; spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Negating yourself from such a natural form of expression will only prove to be detrimental to your overall growth and progress as a human being. You have to give yourself a release for the multitude of emotions you feel throughout your day to day life.

“Sensitivity” in the human sense can be defined as the emotional and spiritual expression of your inner vulnerabilities. Through this expression you allow yourself to release any inner tension and heal from emotional traumas. It’s wise, however, not to become engulfed in your own emotions. An unhealthy and aggressive expression of your vulnerabilities and emotions can be quite toxic; you must find your balance.

It’s ok to feel 🙂

“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.” – Shannon L. Alder


a random poem

a random poem

life isn’t kind, when it’s too much i start to ponder

an idle mind isn’t safe, even then i start to wander

like, why am i here, y’know? what is my purpose

my loss of life lately is draining, need a resurgence

i’ve been workin and… workin

but to no detriment

looked at my life & hoped to embellish it

but honestly.. does this poem hold any relevance

probably not, but i’ve been tired man, that’s the evident

as a kid i figured that this life was basic

now it feels like im in a desert, with no oasis

a time of pure joy, i can’t even trace it

‘less i was getting wasted

throwing shots back until the days end

chasin and…. chasin these pretty women…..

hoping to one day fill the void inside my ribs and

then i usually end up stranded.. ha, what a vision..

i know i’m bitchin, but life is whippin my ass

you’re forced to make decisions with a soul that has little to no precision

or commission, just a hope for the better

inside this life of wicked intentions & borderline criminal false depictions

not to mention the bad vibration emissions & habitual cold dismissions..

i know that’s a bold description but… it’s on point, right?

but i get older and grow with it

one day they’ll see me and be like “damn, he cold with it!”

“he sooo did it!” humble confidence but i’m bold with it

this flow pivot was kind of random, but i’ll roll with it… 😂





Many things in life can prevent us from being thankful for what we have, often devaluing the significance of what we’re already blessed with. Maybe at a young age your friend’s parents bought him or her a new car once he/she turned 16, while you had to save up and pay for your own. Maybe you’re at work during the summer, working a job you don’t necessarily like, while on Instagram you see friend’s of yours taking vacations across the country. Or, maybe other individual’s excel in areas of life that you wish you could; athletically, socially, financially, etc. You often find yourself comparing your life to the lives of other people, causing yourself to become unappreciative of your own qualities or the good in your own life because in your eyes, others have it so much better.

This way of thinking is toxic. When we compare ourselves to other people in this kind of way, the person comparing themselves to others will always be at a disadvantage. You’re aware of the good and the bad in your life, creating a balance; so how is it fair to you, to compare the good and the bad in your life, with just the good in someone else’s life? We all struggle while we’re present on this earth. We all go through our own battles and have to overcome our own obstacles. You may be struggling, but so is everyone else around you in their own way. Everyone see’s qualities in other people that they admire, and that’s ok; just don’t let those admirations harm your personal self-esteem.


It’s also important to realize that whether you believe it or not, we are all blessed with invaluable qualities and advantages in life. We all have things about us that our peers admire; so while you’re looking at a peer in admiration, wishing you had some of their gifts in life, they may be doing the same to you. Acknowledge your own qualities, your own gifts, your own accomplishments, and allow them to uplift your self esteem. Train yourself to admire those around you in a healthy manner, without allowing comparison or envy to come into the picture.

Always remember, before you admire another person’s accolades and accomplishments, consider what they’ve had to go through to get to where they are now; the saying “nothing in life worth having comes easy” applies to everybody. It’s easy to become jealous of another person’s accomplishments when all we see is the end result. Let me give you a hypothetical situation: You see a man driving a brand new Lamborghini down the street and as a 20-something year old young adult, you’re just struggling to make ends meet. That may provoke a bit of jealousy; you probably wouldn’t be as jealous however, if you had the chance to witness the many hours he’s put into his field of work, enabling him to put himself in a position financially to be able to afford a Lamborghini. The many times he’s failed or the many obstacles he’s overcome to get to that point in his life. Instead of getting worked up over the unknown, just simply admire and put the focus back on yourself. You’ll get to where you want to be in life in due time.

Comparison is the thief of joy because when you compare yourself to others, you typically take the good and the bad from your life, and compare it to just the good in other people’s lives. Every person is created uniquely with their own set of talents and blessings, so realize that you too have a gift that sets your apart from others. You too have a gift that people admire. Acknowledge your own blessings in life, and you’ll be a lot happier.


Braving The Storm

Braving The Storm

When it rains, it pours. A lot of times in my life I find myself wondering why I go through the things I go through. There are times where it feels like I’ve been caught in a storm for so long, that I can’t remember the last time chaos wasn’t taking place. I don’t believe in feeling sorry for myself or asking “why me”, but at the same time I’d often wonder… “WHY ME?”. It’s human nature, we all wonder that at times. However, the moment I began to realize that maybe, I’m going through the struggles that I’m going through for a reason, things got a bit easier. I realized that I’m going through this storm to prepare me for my future. Nothing in life worth having comes easy, so why would an amazing, fulfilling life come to someone who hasn’t gone through anything to prepare them for it?

The best way to get through a rough patch in your life, is to be as positive as you can about it. The truth of the matter is, it won’t be easy. Respect the process and realize that everything you’re going through is preparing you for what’s to come down the road. However, it’s up to you to be humble enough to accept what life is teaching you, and adjust your life accordingly. In my life personally, I’ve been able to pick out a lot of my character flaws that correlate to some of the chaos. However, being humble in God’s control, a lot of the chaos I don’t understand and don’t even try to. I do know however that I’ll learn from everything going on in my life and it will prepare me for obstacles down the road, as well as making me a better person than I previously was in the process.

Have faith in God’s plan and truly understanding that the things that are happening to you now, regardless of how brutal they may be, are only preparing you for your glory days. I realize now that without some of the things that I’ve gone through, I wouldn’t be responsible enough to handle the wonderful things that God has planned for my life. Why would God put you in a position to live your dream life if you aren’t ready to fully accept it? So you can blow it once you get there? No coach is going to give his players the starting job if they haven’t shown that they’re ready to take on that starting job. Life is no different.

We don’t know everything that our goals and dreams entail, and we won’t know until we finally achieve them. Honestly, some of us don’t even know what those goals and dreams are just yet! That’s fine. Just know that regardless of what they are, your life is preparing you for it right now. When you finally reach the part of your life you’ve been training your entire life for, you’ll look back and say “Now I understand why I went through what I went through.”

Always remember that there is beauty in the struggle. Struggle builds strength, it builds character, and it humbles us. Struggle teaches us many of life’s most important lessons, that can’t be learned any other way. Struggle enhances your perspective on life. Some of the world’s most beautiful and successful people have been through the most. Always look for the good in bad situations, and your outlook on life will improve dramatically. Lastly, pray. Communicate with God, and he will see you through any situation you’re going through. Be patient, and things will eventually turn around.

I also recommend following this group on social media; their name is “Power of Positivity”. I follow them and I love what they post. Nothing but positive vibes and quotes that I need to read at times.




God Bless