We eventually reach certain points in our lives where we feel as if our life is in shambles. It feels as if there is just so much going on, and while we hopelessly cling on to the good in our lives, we can’t help but pay mind to the chaos taking place. We may reach a certain point when we look in the mirror and start to feel guilty for how “weak” we may feel in the heat of despair; almost ashamed of how life has been pinning us down lately, feeling somewhat hopeless under the weight of it all. We may start to feel as is we don’t have it all together, questioning if we ever will. The pressure that the world sets upon us, or even the pressure that we set upon ourselves, can sometimes prove too much to mentally handle. The damage that we take emotionally from relationships with other people throughout our lives can have the power to break us (even if momentarily). These are things that will happen to each of us in this life; and it’s okay.

The only hardships you know in full are your own; as bad as you may appear to be in a moment of weakness, just know that there are millions of others feeling the same way you do. It’s because we’re human. It’s normal to feel all of the emotions that we feel, positive and negative. Don’t be too hard on yourself for being human and making mistakes. Don’t be too hard on yourself for being emotional, or allowing your feelings to take over in certain situations. Instead, embrace these emotions that you feel, even if negative, because if channeled the right way, they will make you stronger and/or more ambitious toward whatever it is that you want out of life. One day things will fall into place.


Once you realize that it’s completely normal and inevitable to feel a bit lost at times.. to feel as if you don’t have it all together, your self esteem will rise tremendously. You just need time to cope with everything that is happening in your life. Once you realize that it’s completely normal to feel hurt or even a bit broken after a tough heartbreak, it’ll be easier for you to move on. Give yourself time to move on.

Give your mind time to take in everything that is happening, so you can better adapt to whatever predicament you’re in. Just as we cherish the good times, we should also cherish the not so good times, because those times not only make us stronger, but it also shows that we’re only human. And as humans we feel, all of us, very deeply. Forgive yourself for being temporarily weak, as we all have moments of weakness, and put your best foot forward. You’re not a mess. You’re not worthless. Your life isn’t in shambles. You’ll be okay.




4 thoughts on “You’ll Be Okay

  1. Have you read “Tuesdays with Morrie”? There’s this really great part where Morrie explains that it’s okay to have feelings and that we should feel them deeply. We should feel them so deeply that we can come to accept them. And then by accepting them, we can move on from them. Your post reminded me of that. Sometimes we just gotta cut ourselves some slack. Great writing. I can tell that you’re sincere and appreciate your thoughts as well as your sincerity. Keep up the writing!

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